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I've always been passionate about music and art. My mother is a pianist and started my piano training at age 8. In high school I was in the symphony, marching/pep band, jazz band and choir. In college I majored in fine art with a minor in music and continued in the symphony as percussion section leader and librarian. I was also an enthusiastic member of jazz and pep bands and toured regularly with the choir. These experiences provided an understanding and appreciation for classical and choral music and proved invaluable in shaping my composing and arranging skills.

Jupiter Blue Live @ Key Club, LAAdding spice to my classical and choral roots are my experiences performing in rock bands for the last 20 years. During college I was the drummer and/or singer for several local bands that performed in a few favored campus watering holes. After graduation I moved to Chicago in hopes of expanding my musical horizons. While in Chicago I became the drummer of a goth/punk band called Mary's Window which was signed to Slipdisc/Mercury Records. Although we toured a bit we disbanded for all the cliche reasons. Following my tenure with Mary's Window I formed the glam/shock rock band Plastic Princess in which I was able to take a more active role by singing and writing all the music. Plastic Princess signed with Baby Factory Records in 1996 and enjoyed substantial local success, performing in Chicago's biggest venues (e.g. Metro, Double Door). While performing with Plastic Princess I began to write and record additional music as a solo project under the moniker Colortone. Colortone was picked up by Seraph Records and released two albums before the label folded. After PP broke up in 2001 I formed the glam/pop band Jupiter Blue (again as frontman/songwriter) which experienced similar regional success, while simultaneously acting as live drummer for the bands Ego Static, Swirlblade and File Underwater. I am nothing if not productive.

In 2003 I moved to Los Angeles to further pursue my dreams of scoring and songwriting. Once here I reformed Jupiter Blue with local LA musicians and we again enjoyed substantial local success, regularly performing in several of the city's best venues (e.g. House Of Blues, Roxy, Whisky, El Rey, Key Club) and receiving awards (e.g. Best Band and Best Video at the 2006 LA Music Awards). Disheartened by the state of the music industry and well outfitted with recording gear I found myself wanting to simply write and record music in my home studio. I began taking on freelance clients, composing in styles ranging from pop to orchestral to Vegas-style musical. In 2007 I disbanded Jupiter Blue to pursue songwriting full time. In addition to writing for clients I've continued to release solo albums under the moniker Future Kings & Queens.

After many wonderful years and experiences I've now transitioned from rock musician into composer and it feels great. I'm able to combine my classical training with rock and other influences to marry sound with picture/media and the results are very satisfying. I plan to continue to develop my skills and carry my passion for composing into old age.