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* denotes that samples are available on the MUSIC page

Toyota Composer/Producer - various webmercials
Nat'l Geographic Explorer Various series placements *
Sang Arts Composer - "Squarehead" various webisodes
Warner Bros. Television TV series placement *
Suzuki Composer - webmercial
Mark Maverick Composer - "Hypnotica" stage musical *
Composer - "Mysteries Of The Mind" stage musical
Composer - "Magical Mind Machine" stage musical
Red Light Center Composer - website intro presentation
Composer - web commercial *
Vandalia History Museum Producer/Voiceover - multimedia exibition
Echoes de Luxe Performer - "Self Titled" EP
Future Kings & Queens Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "Rhapsodies & Requiems" LP *
Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "The Day The World Died" LP *
Polyblack Producer - "Find A Place" EP
Tazo Producer - "House Of Medusa" EP
Ben Lehl Band Producer - "Self Titled" LP
Ego Static Performer - "Mandatory Relapse Control" EP
Garden Of Dreams Producer - "Sparkle, Shimmer, Fade" EP
Jupiter Blue Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "The Death Of" LP *
Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "Constellations & Satellites" LP *
Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "Devolve The People" LP
Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "Generation Z" LP
Joanne Sawter Producer - "Goodbye To Yesterday" LP
Fifth Wave Composer - "Elements" instructional CD *
El Camino Resources Composer - company multimedia kit *
Colortone Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "Constructive Stumblings" LP (Seraph)
Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "Lullabies For Starlets" LP
Plastic Princess Performer/Songwriter - "Haberdashery" EP (Baby Factory)
Producer/Songwriter/Performer - "Plastactiongirlboy" LP
Koy Enterprises Composer - "Leo Macheangelo" stage production
Mary's Window Performer/Songwriter - "Whore" LP (Slipdisc/Mercury)