CSD has recently been designing stylized GUI's (Graphic User Interface), primarily for Kontakt sample libraries. As a part-time musician/composer I have a special interest in this industry. Here are some examples of my GUI design work:
Impact Soundworks "Shreddage 2" Impact Soundworks "Peak Rider" Embertone's "Mouth Trumpet"
ProjectSAM's "Symphobia Colours" Impact Soundworks "Archtop" Soundiron's "Apocalypse Percussion"
ProjectSAM's "True Strike" Soundiron's "Steel Tones" Soundiron's "Electric Saz"
Soundiron's "Voices Of Rage" Soundiron's "Ambius 2" Soundiron's "Angklung"
Soundiron's "Olympus Elements" Impact Soundworks "Impact Steel" Soundiron's "The Musique Box"
Soundiron's "Mercury" ProjectSAM's "Lumina" Soundiron's "Rust 3"
Soundiron's "Rust 2" Soundiron's "Rust 1" Soundiron's "Granny Piano"
Soundiron's "Drinking Piano" Impact Soundworks' "Frame Drums" Impact Soundworks' "Juggernaut"
Soundiron's Modular FX Rack Impact Soundworks' "Celestia" Soundiron's "Francesca Genco"