I'm thrilled to finally announce that the new Colortone album "Crash, Repair, Repeat" is available today! It marks the end of Colortone's 12-year hiatus and I'm happy to announce that even more new Colortone music will follow.

"CRR" is a 10-track collection of sticky-sweet tunes and is being offered as a download only (it is 2012, after all), so please go to CDBaby.com to get it. Many thanks for your support!


It's been 11 years since the last Colortone release and that's about to come to an end. I'm in the final mixing stage on a 10-song full-length (title TBD) and I'm really excited to get these songs out into the world. Some have been around, incomplete, for a long time. Should be releasing in January, 2012. Stay tuned for updates..


Future Kings & Queens' cover of Radiohead's "No Surprises" will appear on a new tribute released on Failure To Communicate Records. The double-length CD will be available next month but you can pre-order it NOW by CLICKING HERE. Other great artists appear on the tribute, including Ego Static and Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls). Pre-order now and get a discount and several free CD's from FTC Records.All proceeds go to Reading Is Fundamental, a very worthy cause indeed. Please check it out and spread the word.

03.16.09 - IT'S HERE EARLY!! >

"Rhapsodies & Requiems" arrived from the factory a little early! I've posted 3 of the new tracks in the music player so check them out. And PLEASE download or pick up a copy of your very own! Many months of blood, sweat and tears went into it and I really hope you like it..

ALSO - to celebrate the release I'll send a FREE BONUS MP3 of the unreleased B-side "Wire And Static" to anyone who writes a review of the new record (CLICK HERE to write & submit a review). Be sure to provide your valid email address when you submit. And if it doesn't make me cry like a little girl, I'll post your review here on the site!

03.05.09 - SO CLOSE! >
"Rhapsodies & Requiems" is almost finished. I've got a small amount of tracking left to do on a few songs and am to the "car mixing" point on the rest. That means I'm burning mixes and listening to them while I drive, as that's the stereo system I seem to know best. This involves making lots of little tweaks and changes to ensure that things are at just the right levels and location in the stereo realm. I sound like a total nerd. Anyway, I'm very pleased to announce that my friend Garret Hammond (Kill Hannah/Prick) will once again be mastering the record in Chicago once it's complete and we're on schedule for our April 1 release date. Now I must go and have a Jamba Juice.

02.01.09 - STUDIO UPDATE, ETC.>
Rejuvenated myself this weekend by doing some hands-on home improvement projects, including painting and redecorating the studio. The walls are now a deep ruby and an old stereo cabinet I found online has a new finish and is serving to house my vinyl collection. Also picked up a few new guitars. As some may know, I'm not the world's greatest guitarist, but these sure look pretty hanging on the walls.. Feeling energized and the songs are flowing like water. Listening to new music by The Flaunts, Keane and Katy Perry. Yes, that's right - Katy Perry. Deal with it. Sometimes you gotta stay in touch with the mainstream, you know...

12.31.08 - A LITTLE "R & R" . . . >
Work continues on the sophomore Future Kings & Queens CD "Rhapsodies & Requiems." Spent most of December in the studio writing and recording and am really pleased with what's come of it. I know these are meaningless without hearing them, but some new song titles include:

"Calico (Tragic Dear Departed)"
"Der Scream"
"Super Kinetic Electric"

09.19.08 - DOES 9 REALLY EQUAL 3? >
The rumors that nobody hears are true: after almost 9 years I’m pleased to announce that I’m working on another Colortone CD.   Colortone was always something I intended to eventually go back to, and every now and again people would ask me about it.  Well, a few months ago I realized that I already had almost 10 good unused song ideas that could be great Colortone material.  So I got excited about it and started finishing them one by one, and in the meantime wrote a few brand new ones to round out the CD.  I still haven't fixed on a title yet, so for now we'll call it "9 = 3" (nine years equals the 3rd record). Stupid, I know, but it's only temporary.

On the Future Kings & Queens front, new material is flowing like lava (that's regularly and at a fairly moderate pace).  Some new titles include:

"The General's Last Days"
"The Other Side"
"This Disease"
"Wire and Static"

I'm quite pleased with the slightly new direction and hope it's well-received.  If nothing else, I’m charged.  Those who haven't downloaded the free track "Run," you can get it now on the MySpace page.